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Susie Drage's Cookery Pages


Grand Marnier Souffle
Brandy Snaps
Orange & Cranberries in
Mulled Wine
Pavlova with Summer Fruits
Pavlova with Marron Glaces
Raspberry Tiramasu
Pannetone Pudding with Aromatic Pineapple
Lemon Souffle
Tropical Fruit Pavlova
Chai Coconut & Mango Creams
Rhubarb Puffs with Streusel
Lemon Possets with Sugared Almond Shortbread
Napoleon Torte
Rhubarb &
Almond Tart
Lavender Ice Cream
Frozen lemon soufflé in a chocolate shell
Forest Fruits & Yoghurt Ice Cream
Coffee Ice Cream
Vanilla  Ice Cream
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