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Susie Drage's Cookery Pages

​ Risottos

Butternut Squash, Leek & Chestnut Mushroo Risotto

Butternut Squash, Leek and mushrooms make a delightful combination for this tasty and filling dish

Dolcelatte Cremosa & Pancetta Risotto

My Choice Recipe for March is this delicious and rather decadent risotto

Dolcelatte, Pancetta, Pea and Bean Risotto

This is a variation of the Dolcelatte Risotto, the addition of the vegetables and pancetta provide great flavour to this dish

Mushroom Risotto

We love this risotto - you can make it with either Chestnut Mushrooms, or Wild Mushrooms and you can add Cherry Tomatoes to ring the changes

Risotto Blanco

Basic risotto recipe from which you can add the ingredients of your choice.

Salmon, Fennel & Pea Risotto

This risotto seems that more special with fresh poached salmon, aromatic fennel and herbs to flavour

Spanish Paelaa

Very special kind of risotto made with paella rice and filled with wonderful flavours - idea for entertaining providing your guests like shellfish!

Tomato & Red Pepper Risottto

Rich tomato flavours and combined with roasted red peppers make this dish both appetising and very tasty

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