Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Couscous





Serves 2-3

Preparation Time:  15 minutes

Cooking Time:  Approx 40 minutes




6 - 8 tbs olive oil

3-4 tbs balsamic vinegar

2 - 3 tbs tomato puree

Large Aubergine

Two Sweet Potatoes

Two large red onions

Yellow Pepper

Red Pepper

One Fennel bulb

2 Courgettes

4 - 6 fat cloves of garlic, finely sliced

Small pack Cherry Tomatoes

150g Couscous

Handful of fresh herbs, chopped

Sea Salt

Freshly ground black pepper

Stock cube, chicken  or vegetable

Mixed herbs, dried or fresh (preferably)

Small pack of cashew nuts










1.    Pre-heat the oven to 180C/Gas 5


2.   Take a bowl and mix together the oil, balsamic vinegar and tomato puree with a small whisk until smooth.


3.   Chop all the vegetables into small chunks.


4.   Place all the vegetables and the garlic into a roasting tin, mixing them all up, apart from the cherry tomatoes (these will be added later).


4.   Now pour over the dressing to cover the vegetables and mix thoroughly.


5.   Place the roasting tin into the oven and after intervals of 15 minutes, remove and turn the vegetables over and cooking them until they are soft and very slighly starting to caramelise.


7.   15 minutes before the end of cooking the vegetables, place the cherry tomatoes on top of the vegetables, when they start to split, they are cooked.


6.   Meanwhile, pour boiling water over the couscous as according to manufacturers instructions.


7.   To make the couscous more interesting, you can mix in a crumbled stock cube, mixed herbs, and some cashew nuts.


8.   Mix the ingredients well into the couscous and then spoon into a large serving dish and top with the roasted vegetables.

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