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My Background and Projects

My Website 2023


Early 2009, I formed my own website to showcase both my music and art, and to promote bookings.


In March 2014 my website was given a new look, entirely designed by me and in 2018 a brand new Cookery Website was created - Susie Drages Cookery Pages and linked in the index above.   This now has twenty different categories, all of which are constantly being added to when time permits. 

I am continually trying out new recipes from a variety of sources, some are my own creations and others are  guest recipes, which we like and feel are worth promoting.   I hope now that with such diverse content with the different activities that I am involved with, that you will take time to browse and perhaps try some of the recipes.  

I regularly update all the sections adding Music, Vocals, Videos, Recipes and also pictures to my Gallery  -  look out for more music postings!  

I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


I am now designing websites for other people, which has been another unexpected direction for learning this new skill.

My Musical Journey


My musical journey is described under MUSIC together with some photographs.


I have sung with various choirs, sung on stage in London fringe theatres during the 1980's.


I played as a violinist with the Kensington Symphony Orchestra.


I learned piano and then keyboard skills and have been a member of various music keyboard forums where I have increased my knowledge and experience.


I performed live gigs for ten years and now work from my studio and contribute to online music forums and Facebook groups.


I launched my two latest albums in April 2016 to add to the one launched in 2012.  Click on ALBUMS in the Index above.

My fourth Album - MOMENTS TO TREASURE is currently work in progress with an aim to launch in 2023.


I have taken up Classical piano once more and am experimenting with orchestrating popular arrangements.


My Art


I paint mainly birds, flowers and animals in both watercolour and pastels.

Early 2004, I joined the Guildford Art Society and was accepted as a full exhibiting member shortly thereafter. I have exhibited in various exhibitions locally as well as in London , submitted to the Royal Academy and have sold all artworks to date. I have had no formal training.

I now belong to various excellent art groups online where I can study tutorials etc and am enjoying being part of their communities.


 In addition to this, I am currently working on building up a new portfolio for an art gallery and also to submit to The Pastel Society.

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