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"MOMENTS" released 22nd November 2012


The album "Moments" originally got underway in March 2012 with the first recording of “People” with Andrew Leitch. There was much encouragement to go on and create a full album and the music includes arrangements by the very talented members of the former successful music forum, Yamaha Keyboard Enthusiasts - Steve Selwood, Paul Brooks, Andrew Leitch, Judy Short and Thomas Bailey.


The songs have all been professionally recorded at The Empire Recording Studios in Guildford to a very high standard. Three of the tracks are arranged by myself, and the remainder have been provided by other professional musicians, who are not members of Yamaha Keyboard Enthusiasts.


The Jerome Kern recording of I WON'T DANCE is a duet with Michael Bublé. Some are covers of arrangements for Sarah Brightman, Frank Sinatra, Peter Grant, Barbra Streisand, Michael Bublé, Rod Stewart and Elton John. The album is a mix of Arias, Ballads, Jazz, Swing and the Musicals and are all choices of music that I both love and had a great desire to perform and has taken nine months to complete.


"Half a Moment" has deep significance for me and became a poignant reminder of the darkest days of my illness and this is dedicated with all my love to my husband, Geoffrey and children who have all been my rock, support and always encourage me to seek out my potential..


It has been a very great honour to participate in collaborations with my fellow musicians and there are now more projects on the drawing board for 2016 as a result of this first album, which is a wonderful testament to the musical skills and professionalism of all those who have helped me.


This album is available on both iTunes and on Amazon, as well as other online stores globally.

Preview and Download the Album or individual tracks by clicking on the icon from either

Samples can be heard from all tracks and purchased on iTunes

Samples can be heard from all tracks and purchased on Amazon

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Click on the Image above to hear all the tracks on this album and my other music on the Website link, above

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