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Welcome to my Art Room


Painting with watercolours, above


Painting with Pan Pastels, Soft Pastels and Pastel Pencils


Susie's Art


I started painting in 1998 when I started to do commissions in watercolour.   I discovered painting with pastels in 2003 at art therapy classes held at the Beacon Palliative Care Centre, Guildford. I felt inclined to concentrate on birds, flowers and animals in both watercolour and pastels. Almost immediately, the paintings appeared to generate a surprising amount of interest, enthusiasm and good humour.


Early 2004, I joined the Guildford Art Society and was accepted as a full exhibiting member shortly thereafter. I have exhibited in various exhibitions locally, and have sold all artworks both in the UK and overseas to date. I have had no formal training.


However, a paternal great grandfather, John Miers was a famous miniature silhouette artist, who painted celebrated dignitaries of the day and members of the Royal family in the late 18th Century in black and gold on ivory. Another 19th Century Grandfather, John Miers was a Scientist, Metallurgist and Botanist (Fellow of the Linnaen Society 1839) whose drawings and papers are stored at both The Natural History Museum and at Kew.


I submitted six paintings for the first time with the Pastel Society UK in February 2006 and sold.  I was also awarded Associate Membership of The Pastel Society.   I have also submitted paintings for the Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy. The success at the Mall Galleries prompted an article by The Financial Times together with photographs of the paintings and also three articles in The Surrey Advertiser together with photographs of various paintings as well as the artist!


I have since worked on commissions and this continues to be work in progress.


Current projects 2024


I usually work on two or three projects at any one time.


My preference is to paint birds, especially tropical birds or birds with character and attitude!  I also have a deep interest in wildlife.

I have now made changes to my studio with a purpose built art desk, in addition to my easel and easy access to my various art materials, as required.

I mostly paint with water colours, acrylic inks, soft pastels, pan pastels and pastel pencils of various makes.  These works are done on Pastelmat or pastel boards treated with Gesso.  It has been wonderful getting re-equipped with so many new materials plus electrical gadgets to make things easier.

Susie - photographed by The Surrey Advertiser prior to major exhibition at The Pastel Society - at The Mall Galleries in London.


Examples of my artwork are shown below

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