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Four  Albums

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 My First Three Albums



The music for all three Albums were recorded at The Empire Recording Studios in Guildford. under the guidance of the owner and Head Sound Recording Engineer, Sam Burden, who together with his team of Sound Engineers run a rapidly expanding, diverse programme of recording opportunities with established relationships with major record and companies as well as National TV both here in the UK and overseas . 


The first Album is called "Moments" and was released in November 2012

and is a mixture of Swing, Jazz, Ballads & songs from the Musicals popularised by Sarah Brightman, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Peter Grant, Shirley Bassey, Michael Buble, Barbra Streisand, Beatles and Stephen Sondheim.


The second Album is called "Moments to Remember" and was released April 2016

and is mainly Swing and Jazz, including some romantic ballads featuring songs by the Gershwin brothers,  Diana Krall, Noel Coward, Great American Song Book, Jazz and other Big Band arrangements.  


The third Album is called "Moments of Romance" and was released April 2016

featuring love songs and Romantic Ballads with songs of Sarah Brightman, Barbra Streisand, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gershwin Brothers and Queen together with songs from the Musicals amongst others.


The music from the two new abums feature the superb orchestration of Joe Peters.   

I have also been fortunate to record with some beautiful backings created by

Eileen Lowry, Judy Short, Gary Diamond & Helmut Licht and Paul Brooks.


Very sadly, Joe Peters passed away in September 2015 and I have added a separate section -

THE MUSIC OF JOE PETERS, which features the music that we have performed together.



The music from the two latest albums, as with my first Album,  "MOMENTS, are available on Amazon, iTunes and many more online stores globally as well as on CD.

 Album No.4 




We started recording the music for the latest album - Moments to Treasure - during 2022 with music producer Tom Doughty of NeverEverMedia and will continue during 2023.



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