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Whistle Down the Wind

Vocal Version and Instrumental Version

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Whistle Down The Wind FM mp3Susie Drage Vocal
00:00 / 03:52

This is my vocal version of Whistle Down the Wind, which is featured on my album "Moments of Romance"  - see ALBUMS, above.

This was recorded at The Empire Recording Studios, Guildford, Surrey in 2016

I thought it would be interesting to have a comparison of two versions

of the same song!

Whistle Down the Wind LPT5Susie Drage Instrumental
00:00 / 04:14

This is my instrumental version of Whistle Down the Wind using two styles - Broadway Ballad and Ethereal Movie as well as unaccompanied piano, multitracked using Logic Pro X.

There are ten tracks using
Concert Grand Piano
Orchestral Strings,
Movie Strings,
Concert Strings
Warm Horn,
Live Strings,
Butter Strings
Orchestral Flute,
Orchestral Oboe
Orchestral Harp.

I have just tried to interpret this as a romantic orchestration and some time ago, I was asked whether I would sing this and then I found a beautiful backing track arranged by an musician in Argentina who gave me permission to use this and was subsequently recorded as one of the tracks on my new album Moments of Romance.

Whistle Down the Wind is a musical with music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who also co-wrote its book with Patricia Knop and Gale Edwards, and its lyrics were written by Jim Steinman. It is based on the 1961 film Whistle Down the Wind, whose source novel of the same name was written by Mary Hayley Bell in 1959.

The musical premièred in 1996 at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C., and a concept album was released the same year. It was revived in the West End in 1998 and has been revived since then several times and toured extensively.

18th July 2016

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