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Featuring Multi tracked Instrumentals

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The Nearness of You M2 - Susie Drage

This is my instrumental version of The Nearness of You multitracked using Logic Pro X.

There are seven tracks using
Dreamy Ballad

CFX Grand
Allegro Strings,
Ballad Strings
Classic Cellos


arranged on Yamaha Clavinova 709 with the addition of the following tracks using Yamaha Genos
CFX Grand

Kino Strings x 2 tracks

High Allegro
Classical Flute

I have always loved this song and enjoy singing it as well.  I just wanted to create a piano and strings version of this lovely ballad.

"The Nearness of You" is a popular song written in 1938 by Hoagy Carmichael, with lyrics by Ned Washington. The song was performed in the Paramount film Romance in the Dark (1938) by the lead actress Gladys Swarthout of the Metropolitan Opera. However, some debate this origin.  It has been covered by a huge variety of popular artists.

19th March 2018

That's All - Susie Drage

"THAT'S ALL" is a 1952 song written by Alan Brandt and Bob Haymes. It has been covered by many jazz and blues artists. The first recording, by Nat King Cole in 1953, achieved some popularity but was not among that year's top 20 songs. It was Bobby Darin’s version in his 1959 album That's All that introduced the song to a wider audience.

The song is part of the Great American Songbook, and Alec Wilder included it in his book American Popular Song: The Great Innovators, 1900–1950, even though it was composed two years after that period. Wilder gave two reasons for making this exception:  “it is one of the last free-flowing, native, and natural melodies in the grand pop style”;  “it went through no initial hit phase but became an immediate standard”.

Arranged and played on Clavinova 709 with multi tracking added from Tyros 5-76 to incorporate

CFX Grand,

Breathy Sax,

Romance Clarinet,

Big Band Trumpet,


Allegro Strings

Concert Grand

mixed on Logic Pro X -


17th January 2022

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