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Paintings for Sale

For further information, please contact me via CONTACT PAGE
Prices shown include framing, but do NOT include cost of packaging and shipping
Terms and Conditions

Blue diademed Motmot


Painted in pastels, June 2014



This painting has now been framed with a deep white mount and with a gold and green frame and is now for sale.


Details, as follows:  68 cms high x 48 cms wide in pastels (Frame 88 cms high x 66 cms wide)


Ref. SD 101/16



Polish Frizzle Golden Laced


Painted in pastels in 2005 and is for sale.


This paintings has a deep double white mount with a gold frame and is now for sale


This painting is 65 cms high x 46 cms wide

(framed 91 cm high x 71 cms wide)


Ref. SD 103/16




Cochin Frizzle White


Cochin Frizzle White painted in pastels in 2009 and is for sale.


(framed with double white mount and silver and black frame


48 cms high x 63 cms wide

(framed 74 cms high x 87 cms wide)


Ref. SD 104/16





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